Abuse Prevention Overview

To prevent abusive use of Private Host's services, we have adopted this abuse prevention policy. All notices will be handled according to the procedure described below.

If you have found that our services are used in violation of our AUP or any applicable law, or if you believe that your content has been used in any manner that infringes your rights, you can send an abuse notification. Please follow the procedure which is described below.

Private Host BV abuse prevention department processes all notices in timely manner upon their arrival, and usually we do response within 72 hours from the time of arrival of your notice, however we reserve our right to process them up to 7 days, is case if advanced investigation is required.

Legal Framework

Private Host BV operates in jurisdiction of The Netherlands and handles abuse notifications according to its own handling policy, with respect of the "Dutch Notice and Takedown procedure", which as a primary rule, says that the notifier first sending a notice to the content provider.

The content provider is the person, or organization that has placed certain content on the Internet or that is responsible for the space on the Internet of which a third party is able to make use (a web site owner, for example). If the content provider is unknown, or if it does not respond to the abuse notification, you can then submit a notification to the Private Host BV.

You can download English version of "Dutch Notice and Takedown procedure" from here.

Requirements for Abuse Notifications

Please follow the requirements stated below when submitting a notification about content hosted and/or transmitted by the Private Host BV. It is imperative that you follow these guidelines; non-compliance may result in a delayed or faulty processing of your notification.

● Please write your notice in English language only and format it as plain text. We do not accept PDF, JPG or HTML formatted texts.
● Please send your notice only to the Email address indicated below. We do not accept notices from NO-REPLY email addresses.
● Your contact information is required, please include as much details as possible so we will be able to contact you, if necessary.
● If you report about illegal network activity, your notice should include an IP address, from which this activity is occurred, this IP address should belongs to the pool allocated to the Private Host BV.
● If you report about copyright infringement, your notice should refer to the URL where the reported content is located, the domain of this URL should resolves to the IP address from the pool of the Private Host BV. Please also include short description of the copyrighted materials, including a copy of the copyrighted work or the web page address where this materials may be found.
● If your report about trademark infringement, your notices should include the registration details, such as registration number of the infringed trademark.
● If your report about malicious activity, like DDoS, port scanning, SPAM or other abusive events, your notice should contain full description of the illegal activity, date and timestamp when it occurs, the IP address that are subject of the illegal activities, the source and destination port, please also include log files.
● Please include only one IP address per notice. If you need to submit a notification for more than one IP address, please send multiple notifications.
● Please only include URLs or domains in your abuse notice for which you are seeking resolution.
● Please provide a description of the content or activity that you want to report and why this is infringing your rights or violating applicable law or the applicable AUP.

Abuse Process

In many cases Private Host BV does not have access to the content hosted by its end customers. Upon receipt of an abuse notification, the Abuse Prevention Department will forward your notice to the appropriate customer. It may therefore be more efficient, and in some cases even required, for you to send your abuse notification directly to the end customer of Private Host BV.

Please submit your abuse notifications by Email indicated below. This Email address is dedicated to the abuse prevention notices only, please do not send other questions to this one.

Abuse Prevention Department: abuse@privatehost.com

Law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies can submit their warrants, subpoenas and requests to the Private Host BV via the following email addresses: legal@privatehost.com

Private Host BV only accepts warrants, subpoenas and other requests from law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction in The Netherlands. Please note that warrants, subpoenas and requests should contain an IP address assigned to the Private Host BV and a timestamp. It is a crime in The Netherlands to falsely impersonate a law enforcement official.