Private Host TOS / AUP (Terms Of Service / Acceptable Use Policy, made for real people):

Special conditions will be offered for those who are spending more than 5.000€ per month for web hosting. We can provide very efficient solutions, which will reduce your budget significantly without any penalties to the performance of your projects. In general we will outperform all our competitors by network speed, server's hardware and our knowledge in online media delivery industry. We do not sell any used/old stuff. Only new super modern hardware will be offered to you. We do work with KVS. We know how to configure KVS for 1M+ daily visitors using single server. We can provide your with NVIDIA NVENC/CUVID technologies for ultra fast video transcoding and conversion.

!!! WARNING: public Telegram proxy / MTProxy is NOT allowed on our VDS / Dedicated Servers !!!

All custom made Dedicated Servers are NON REFUNDABLE. The minimal term for them is 3 (three) months! In case of cancellation within initial term the cancellation fee of €799 will be applied! Please consider to take "promo" or VPS/VDS servers if you need a server for a period less than 3 months.

VDS and "promo" servers have 24h of try-before-buy period. No refunds will be provided after this period. The setup fees, where applied, are not refundable. No proportional billing if the service was canceled in the middle of billing period. However you may cancel your services 7 days before billing period ends to avoid auto-renewal.

COLOCATION has a minimum term of 24 months. If you cancel within an initial term, a cancellation (decommission) fee of 699€ will be applied, which is NOT including dismounting or delivery of customer's equipment. Termination notice has to be sent minimum 30 days prior termination date.

To perform Smart Hands / Remote Hands we will need authorisation for our engineer(s) to enter your Datacenter and operate in your racks and/or interact with your equipment. If no authorisation will be given at the time of our engineer appears at Security Desk of your datacenter - we will not perform any job. No refunds will be provided in this case. Please use our tickets system to give us authorisation and obtain names of persons who will perform necessary tasks. Clear instructions should be provided at the time of job start or before. We do recommend to create group in WhatsApp / Telegram or Viber between our and your technicals to avoid any delays and misunderstanding. Our engineers will take maximum care and attention while performing requested jobs but please note that Private Host does not take any liability for damages which can occur during mount/dismount/assembly/disassembly of your equipment and does not take any liability for outages which can occur during operations with your equipment. If you are not agree - please do not order or Smart Hands services.

While performing DDOS Protection of your resources we can not provide any warranty that they will work same as they work without attack. Some legitimate visitors can be blocked as well as the bots. In general you may expect that your normal traffic level will fall for 5-10% under attack, this is normal, and this is what we usually see while doing reverse-proxy DDOS protection. RTT time will be increased as well. We will do our best to protect your resources and keep them alive. If you will be not satisfied with results you may ask us for refund, that is no problem at all. But please keep in mind - any reverse proxy DDOS protection will work plus minus same way - 5-10% of legitimate traffic will be lost under attack. To prevent this we do offer "protected hosting" solutions where your resource(s) will be located inside of our protected perimeter, on our servers, which will result in better performance and DDOS protection stability.

No illegal network activity (ie. port scans, SPAM, SCAM, DoS attacks, etc) is allowed on our servers. Any of such events will be prosecuted and violators will be reported to the Dutch and International authorities. Your services will be immediately terminated without any refund.

No illegal content (ie. Zoo porn, models look underage, malicious software, warez, etc) is allowed on our servers. Violators will be reported!!! In case such content will be discovered - your services will be terminated and no refund will be provided.

In short words : please respect common rules and everything will be ok. Amsterdam is a good city for a good business. The illegal things are the same illegal here!!!

If you have any doubts about your online activity feel free to ask us. Better before you order our services.