I can not find Dedicated Servers offer - where it is?

Dedicated Servers are depricated. That means we do not offer them anymore.

Q - Why you do not offer dedicated servers anymore?
A - During resolving of daily challenges of our Customers we have discovered that Dedicated servers does not match their expectations. Even with Intel's Scalable platform dedicated server are difficult to scale. Imagine you have your traffic up by 100% and your CPU is over. What to do? We need to order new CPU, which will take at least few days (in worse case few weeks) then we have to go to the datacenter, shutdown your dedicated server, remove it from the rack, unscrew old CPU, insert new CPU, screw it back, install server back to the rack... connect all cables.. even with our professional hands it will take few hours. Few hours all your projects will be offline. That is definitely loss of profit, loss of nervous and loss of time. And there we are talking about PLANNED maintenance. In case of hardware failure, like CPU failure, RAM module failure, SSD failure or Motherboard issues, the downtime can be real long. From tens of hours to few days. In hard cases you can loss all you data. That is definitely what we can not allow for our Customers to have. To accomplish with daily challenges of our customers we have created new, more modern and superb solution which we call Cloud Servers.

Q - What is Cloud servers? Why they are better?
A - Our Cloud servers are instances in Private Host HPC (High Performance Computing) cloud. Practically these instances are virutal machince which are not bind to the real hardware. That means they can be dynamically relocated within our HPC cluster from one node to another. That means that in case of hardware failure, like CPU failure, RAM module failure, SSD failure or motherboard failure your Cloud server will be relocated to another, working node within a seconds. (Usually 5-10 seconds). So instead of HOURS of DOWNTIME you will have few seconds of downtime which will not affect your traffic and your visitors will even not notice that something really bad is happened. That is why we do not offer dedicated servers anymore - our Cloud servers outperform them by all positions.

Q - What other advantages your Cloud servers have?
A - Other advantage of our cloud servers is : Absolute scalability. That means we can dynamically adjust number of cores, amount of RAM and even SSD size within few seconds and without relocating of your projects to another server. In case of dedicated server any upgrade like adding RAM or adding of SSD will take hours of downtime, and in some cases will require you to migrate to another server, which may be painful. Undersnading that out Cusotmers what to minimize downtimes and allow their projects seamlessly grow - we have developed perfect solution which we call Cloud servers.

Q - Anything else which I need to know about your Cloud servers?
A - Yes. All our Cloud servers have unique feature - online backup. That means all the data on your cloud server will be backed up online, without interrupts of its operations. By default we store daily online backups (last 7 days), weekly online backups (last 5 weeks), monthly online backups (last 12 months) and yearly online backups (last 3 years). That will allow you to restore all data of your cloud server to the original state of yesterday, day before yesterday etc... That is especially important for example if you made wrong update of software or database and you need it to restore to the original state. That is absolutely free service for all our cloud servers, which included in basic package. Forget about slow and expensive backups, we will automatically do it for you for free!

Q - Ok, your Cloud servers is cool, but that means they are very expensive, right?
A - No, that is not true. We have created our Cloud Servers as a replacement of Dedicated Servers, so basically they will cost same money as a dedicated server with same number of cores, amount of RAM and ssd capacity. So they are not expensive.

Q - What about hard drives? I heard that cloud servers have very slow file system...
A - We do not use Hard Drives in our cloud. All our nodes are loaded with NVM-E solid state drives of 4th generation (PCI-E 4.0) and have unbelievable high file system performance. That means your Cloud Server will have NVM-E ssd connected which will give you maximum file system speed available up to the date.

Q - What about endurance of storage system? With Dedicated server I used RAID1 to mirror my data. But with Cloud server I do not see RAID1 available! Why?
A - In our HPC Cloud we use cloud based storage system with triple relication. That means all your files will be strored in 3 (three) copies! So it is like RAID1 with 3 disks connected in paralle. So it is EVEN BETTER! Plus you will have automatic online backups which will be stored on separate storage cluster. So with our Cloud Servers your data will be safe as never been before.

Q - I still afraid to use Cloud servers because I think thay will not give me same performace as Dedicated Servers...
A - That common delusion. With our Cloud servers You get same power as dedicated servers but you also get huge advantages like absolute scalability, fault-tolerance and online backups. We run our HPC Cloud on the Intel's Xeon Gold processors so you will get maximum power out of your Cloud Server. In general our Cloud Servers will outperform any dedicated server of entry, mid and even high level! So just try it and you will love it.

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