Private Host Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant, adapted for real people, easy to read)

Your personal data will not be traded, exchanged or transferred to the 3rd party. Your personal data will not be transferred outside of EU. We will do everything possible to keep your personal data secured and to prevent any leaks.

We need your personal details, such as your name, company name, address, telephone number and email, for purpose of billing (to make correct invoices and to determine if VAT should be applied to your services or not) to contact you while setup our services for you, to respond your requests about using of our services, and to prevent illegal activity from our network or servers. Please fill with real data or not use our services. We can not provide our services anonymously.

You have full control on your personal details and have a right to to delete it completely from our database, if you do not use our services anymore. However we will keep your personal details for at least 60 days after you decide to close your account for security reasons.

We may be required to disclose of personal information in order to comply with legal, regulatory, and law-enforcement requests (like court orders in jurisdiction of The Netherlands).

You may remove your personal data by sending such request via our tickets system or an email to

By ordering our web hosting services you are agree to this privacy policy, please do not order if you are not agree.