Private Host BV is a privately held corporation, which has its roots from the beginning of The Internet and was formed in 2001 by the IT professionals, who decided to dedicate their life to develop and implement the state of the art internet technologies in the most demanding sectors of online media delivery, including adult entertainment industry. Our mission is to provide super modern web hosting and telecommunication services for those, who need ultimate performance and reliability for their online projects.

Why US?

  • Unrivaled connectivity of your projects. Our core routers are placed in the Amsterdam Science Park, the most connected place on the Planet Earth, along with core of AMS-IX, largest Internet exchange in the World. Direct peering with the majority of the largest mobile and home ISPs contributes to the fact that content will be delivered the shortest way to the audience of your site.
  • Hosting with guaranteed bandwidth. Your dedicated server will be able to utilize full port speed (1, 10 or 25 Gbps) at any time of day or night, including peak hours. We make sure that the bandwidth of the channel connected to the rack significantly exceeds the total bandwidth of the network ports of all servers installed in the rack. It is a common practice for us to reserve an additional 50% of the bandwidth of the channel being fed to the rack. We do not cap or limit bandwidth, we DO RESERVE it for your needs instead.
  • Not reseller. We place all servers on our own site in the data center located in the Amsterdam Science Park. All servers are installed in a separate closed suite, the entrance to which is available only to employees of Private Host - this means that your server is securely protected from 3rd party eyes (and hands).
  • Competitive prices for bandwidth. Together with the server you receive a basic package of 100 Mbps. If traffic exceeds this threshold, then for excess you pay at a fixed price. This price becomes less than the more traffic you have. So, no overpayments for unused traffic.
  • Reliability. All our servers have 2 power units, which are connected to the two independent power lines, which ensure the smooth operation of your web project. Even if one of the power supplies fails, everything will switch to the other, without outage or degradation of the server's performance.
  • Monitoring. We conduct round-the-clock automatic monitoring of the server usage. We will inform you in a timely manner if you need to add space on hard drive (or SSD) or increase the amount of RAM.
  • Relocation. If your server is already running on another site, but you are thinking about moving, we will do it for you - transfer your project from the previous hosting provider to us for free.
  • Advanced setup. We will install not only operation system, we can also install any additional components which are required for your project. This including for example CMS for adult sites, like KVS and others which are proven to require a lot of additional modules and special optimization to get proper functionality.
  • Optimized configuration. For our customers, we have prepared few special configurations of dedicated servers. The technical specifications they set allow the most effective solution of a specific task. After selecting the appropriate configuration, you can change individual parameters or send us a request to collect the individual server configuration.
  • Technical Support. Standard unlimited support is included for each of our customers. It includes OS install/reinstall and standard administration tasks like adding/removing/configuring of software packages. We can also help you with basic configuration of CMS for tube-like sites. We will not do web design however! :)