Pictured: our Datacenter in Amsterdam Schience Park. As of 06/2023.

Private Host BV is a privately held corporation which has its roots from the beginning of the Internet and which was formed in The Netherlands by IT professionals, who decided to dedicate their lives to developing and implementing the state of the art internet technologies. Our mission is to provide super modern web hosting and telecommunication services for those who need ultimate performance and reliability for their online projects.

Why US?

Best Customer Support in the World

Here, at Private Host , we have decades of IT experience which we will share with you. Every member of our team has at least 10 years of experince in IT. Some of us more than 20 years in IT. So our team is equippend only with Seniors Administrators. Not even Middles. You will not have to talk to silly junior administrators whom you have to explain every step. You will feel the difference with the quality of our Customer Support. Guaranteed. Our mission is to make you success in online business and it is our key value. We listen about your daily challenges and we get them solved.

Unrivaled connectivity of your projects

Our core routers are directly attached to the high speed TIER1 backbones - Level3, Arelion, NTT, Cogent and others, along with local connection to the core of AMS-IX, the largest Internet exchange in the World. Direct peering with the majority of the largest mobile and home ISPs contributes to the fact that content will be delivered the shortest and fastest way to the audience of your site.

Guaranteed bandwidth

Your VPS/VDS or Cloud Server will be able to utilize full speed at any time of day or night, including peak hours. We do not limit your bandwidth, we DO RESERVE it for your needs instead. Double reserving of every network device allows us to provide you with 99.999% of network uptime. Your projects will be always online with us!

Own Cloud Infrastructure

During resolving of daily challenges of our Customers we have discovered that Dedicated servers do not match their expectations. Thats why we have developed our own private cloud infrastucture, which allows our Customers to reach new hights with their online projects. We use only super modern and powerful nodes, charged with Intel's Xeon Gold CPUs. That guarantees your projects will be smooth under any load. You may follow this link if you would like to know more why we think that dedicated servers are deprecated and why we do not offer them anymore.

Fully Managed Solutions

Unlimited management service, including unlimited server administration by high skilled un*x administators, are available for free for those who are spending more than 10.000€ per month for web hosting. As a part of fully managed services we will develop and build very efficient solutions, including your new cloud infrastructure, which will help you to launch your projects to the sky. If you spend less you still can use our managed services but on hourly basis. If you use our CDN, you automatically receive our fully managed service for CDN. That is including integration with your KVS, and then lifetime support of this integration. We have partially managed solutions included with all our servers by default. Using of our server management will definitely save a lot of your time and prevent you from having any issues with performance of your projects.

Not reseller

Private Host operates its own sites in the Amsterdam area. All our servers and network equipment are installed in separate closed cabinets, access to which is available only to the employees of the Private Host. That means that your infrastructure and your data will be securely protected from 3rd party eyes (and hands).

Pro-Active Monitoring

We conduct round-the-clock automatic monitoring of your server resources usage. We will inform you in a timely manner if you need to add space on a SSD or increase the amount of RAM, or add CPU cores to your VDS or Cloud Server. Once approved we will add necessary resources to your VDS or Cloud Servers without any significant downtime. Just 5-10 seconds and you get your server adjusted to match your sites actual load! That will allow you to not think about bottlenecks in your projects - we will find and eliminate them for you.

Smooth Relocation

During relocation of your projects we will install not only operation system, we will also install any additional components which are required for your project. That including for example CMS for video streaming sites, like KVS which requires a lot of additional modules and special server optimization to get proper functionality and performance. If you have doubts about relocation to us - be sure we will do it for you without interruption of your current operations. We will prepare working enveronment, we will test it together with you, and then we will switch your traffic over to the our newly built infrastructure. With us you will forget about downtimes and nighmare of poorly performed relocation.

Green Energy

By doing any business we understand that we should not damage our beautiful home - planet Earth. Thats why we are using only datacenters which are powered by a green energy and have maximum power efficiency.


By using of our services, you help the poverest of us not to die of hunger, get medical help and find hope that a developed society will take care of those who need help. While doing any business we should remember that we make it not only for profit but also to make this World better for all of us. The "golden age" is not something which is coming from outside, it starts inside of each of us. You can find the history of our donations with a description by clicking on this link.