Private Host's Charity Program Overview

Acting as a social responsible company, Private Host BV has decided to make monthly donations to the various charity organisations. On this page you may find the history of our donations with a description to whom they made and what is their mission. Together we can make this World better!

17.08.2021 1000€ Donation made to the Dutch organisation "Food Bank", the mission of this organisation is to provide food aid for those of us who have no money to buy even a pice of bread. Yes, its unbelievable but same time some of us have hunger even in such country as The Netherlands. For this amount 200 families will get their food aid of 20-25 products for a week. In the Netherlands, there are close to 1 million people living below the poverty line. Naturally, we would love the help more people, and this requires more food.

30.09.2021 1094€ Donation made to the Dutch organisation "Stichting 168 Million", the mission of this organisation is to help people in deep poverty, affected by injustice, inequality, violence or disease. They offer help and care with innovative, sustainable solutions for future prospects. For this amount one fresh water well will be made, which allow 1500 people to have access to the drinking water. Its unbelievable bu same time millions of people do not have access to even drinking water!!! Also one house will be made for family with kids. We will post photos of what actually made once construction work is over.