What OS?

Q - What operation system can I have installed on my server (VPS/VDS, Cloud Server)?
A - Officially we support Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSDĀ and Windows Server operation systems.

Q - Can I have CentOS8 installed?
A - Yes, you can! We may install CentOS8, but please keep in mind this operation system has no support anymore, so you will have outdated packages and no security fixes then.

Q - Can I have another OS installed?
A - Yes, you can! We may install any other OS on your choice, but in this case we will not provide any support regarding configuration or support of your custom-OS.

Q - Why you will not support my custom-OS?
A - We try to provide the best of our services, so we have selected operation systems which are proven to be most stable and well known by our administrators. If you ask to install any other OS - we assume you know it better than us! :-)

Q - I do not know which OS is better! Should I select FreeBSD or Debian?
A - If you are unsure which OS is better for your projects, please contact us with details and we will give you some advices for free!

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